Family Law

When filing for divorce, a skilled family law attorney may be needed to aggressively protect your interests.

When filing for divorce, a family law attorney normally should be hired to aid in the process of filing the paperwork and negotiating the division of assets, child support and custody.  In contested divorce cases, a skilled divorce attorney is needed to aggressively protect your interests.   It is especially important to hire an experienced attorney in matters involving the valuation and division of high-value property such as businesses, real estate, bank accounts, and investments.

Attorneys at O’Connor, Schmeltzer & O’Connor are skilled in all aspects of family law.  Our services include:

• Child Support
• Custody & Visitation
• Divorce
• Guardianship of Minors
• Judgment Enforcement
• Judgment Modification
• Legal Separation
• Litigation
• Pre/Post Nuptials
• Property Division
• Settlements
• Spousal Support
• Stepchild Adoption

We provide representation in:

• Superior Court
• Juvenile Court
• Probate Courts

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